About us

The mission of Pollinator Watch is to foster awareness and appreciation of the pollinators of the Palouse Prairie, the Palouse bioregion and adjoining areas, through pollinator monitoring, citizen science and education.

The project is currently supported by Invertebrate Ecology Inc., a small environmental consulting business located in Moscow, ID.

Tim Hatten, CEO of Invertebrate Ecology, is the primary resource behind Pollinator Watch’s content. Tim is very involved in prairie conservation issues and is on the board of the Palouse Prairie Foundation. He received a Ph.D. and M.S. in Entomology from the Universityof Idaho and Washington State University, respectively. His research focused on 1) the response of pest and natural enemies to management practices in agroecosystems, and 2) the epigeal beetle fauna of the highly fragmented Palouse Prairie and surrounding matrix habitats.

Tim has spent his career focussing on myriad environmental issues. After receiving his B.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Arizona, Tim spent two years in Niger, West Africa with the US Peace Corps doing village development projects for the Djarma tribe. He then worked for 10 years with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, six of these years acting as liaison to the US EPA’s Agriculture Initiative. With the Agriculture Initiative, Tim worked in interdisciplinary teams developing private/public partnerships to solve agricultural pollution problems.
Tim’s leisure time is spent reading, playing music, collecting insects and participating in all kinds of outdoor play.

The PollinatorWatch website, logo and mapping applications were designed by Jill Maxwell.  Jill has a wealth of experience in communications and web design and is proud to devote time to this project.

Our signature initiative is the “Map Your Pollinators” project, which allows citizen scientists to report their pollinator observations via an interactive online map.

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